Land Development

Elite Leisure Developments only work with quality international developers who are interested in purchasing large parcels of land to create world-class developments often with high end amenities including golf courses, recreation centres, polo fields, hotels and spas. Amenities offered will differ by region and depend upon the local and international needs.

Often Investors buying into such developments, at an early stage, they are able to get a return on their money many times over. Successful developers often purchase the land outright with clear title free of any encumbrances or debt. They clearly have a vested interest to create a master plan as they “have a blank canvass to create a masterpiece”.

Having made returns on their capital, investors who have purchased at one development very often purchase at another. This provides capital to the developer, who invests it into the project which in turn increases the value of land purchased. A virtuous circle is created with benefits to all.

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